Brand: Diego Vanassibara
Graduate School: London College of Fashion
Graduate Course: BA(Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development

Diego Vanassibara's collection of two shoes are remarkably subtle in terms of the details in the shoes. His appreciation on the Javanese craving has deeply inspired in this collection of footwear. The hybrid of craftsmanship and artisan is the main idea behind the ultra-refined-well-crafted shoes series. The modern take on two woods, the first is the New Guinea Rosewood and the other is Mahogany which mostly use on Piano, he collaborated with The Rohim Family (Specialize on wood craving and carpentry for more than a century) which each pair of shoes are uniquely well made. Both shoes are available on RA Shop as well as Farfetch.com

Source: london collection men / Diego Vanassibara / Farfetch / RA Shop



Graduate School: Central Saint Martins
Graduate Year: 2012

The first thing that we think about football clothing is just horrible and totally ugly and totally drunk bulk men wearing them. Victoria Sowerby's graduate collection about the menswear football twist. She stated "The Fall song “Theme From Sparta F.C’ and the film ‘The Firm’ pretty much sum it up. There’s something about the way big burley Northern men dress to go to the football. I’m originally from the North East of England and would always go to watch Boro games when I was younger. I love how these ultra masculine meatheads don’t think twice about donning a bright red velour tracksuit."
She specialize prints and she took the prints from head to toe and even to the accessories. The football field fake grass just transform into another fabrication on a lovely mens football clutch.

Source: 1 Granary , Victoria Sowerby



Where: Netherlands

Perfect cuts, perfect graphical prints, perfect volumes, the brand Peet Dullaert developed his signature collection with the perfect combination of all. Started from 2011, his collection is growing much more stronger and polished. In this season SS13, he used a lot of contrast graphical highlights with big jewels attached on the garment. And in this summer, Peet won the Frans Molenaar Award with his AW12 collection.

Peet Dullaert AW12 Ad campaign

Source: Peet Dullaert



Brand: Minju Kim
Academic Year: Year 3
Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Since year 2 Minju Kim is very inspired by Japanese cult cartoon, during year 3, she explore the topic even more and deeper. Transform and exaggerate the shape into a more structural form which is very cocoon-ish coat. On the color palette, all colors are referencing the cartoon base pastel-ish color which you can related directly to Sailormoon and other 90s japanese cartoon. 
Source: Antwerp-fashion.be