Brand: Min Wu
Graduate School: London College of Fashion
Graduate Year: 2013

The Min Wu's graduation collection was inspired by the artist Anthony McCall ‘solid light’ series and ‘Schizo Vase’ produced by Studio OOOMS. The collection named "Schizophrenia", deconstruct and reconstruct the fabrication of viscose and neoprene. What I love about this collection is Min's exploration and experimentation on the textiles, she invented a new type of combination to form this new silhouette. Her footwear creation also is a highlight point of the whole collection. Basically its just the extension of idea implant onto the shoes. The plexi-form loafers are really catching everybody's eyes, she able to find a factory and get them produced just for the show is really breathtaking. Thanks Min and her good friend Jason for the close up photos, Jason also has an amazing blog here.

Source: Min Wu / showstudio.com / Jason Yao Photography / Fashion Document



Construction site and woman, this two things won't match together and its seems like a little bit doesn't making sense, but New Zealand designer Liz Wilson's label Eugénie is merging these two elements together for their FW13 collection. Pastel tone, plywood print, structural shape, rock print, all these looks are the perfect hybrid of her inspiration. And she previously won the fashion quarterly / Tresemmé young designer of the year in 2011.

Source: Eugénie / Julie Huang Photography