Crossing the definition between menswear and womenswear, this is what J.W. Anderson has known for a while and developed through his past collections. This season the message is definitely more clear, the ruffles on the shorts and boots, the pleats, the high waist shorts, the tube top silhouette, all represented the vision from Jonathan's perspective. For his women's pre-fall collection, some of the piece is exactly the same and quietly state the collection is neutral unisex. No doubt this is the most controversial collection compare to any other collection in the past, but when you break down each piece, you can actually wear it with some styling to tone it down. No matter how, he took the risks to push the boundaries of menswear silhouette and definitions, and also mark as the brand direction for the future. 

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His signature illustration has been introduced since his MA graduation from London College of Fashion. This season Joseph Turvey inspired by 101 Dalmatians, featuring real puppies next to the model. Dotted fabrics, his illustration of puppies, plus he also explore more on the fabrication which he hasn't done it in his past collection, chunky knits, cashmere and jersey, the whole collection is just full of happiness.

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As a continuation of last season, this season Nasir Mazhar has shown in a much more direct and clean presentation. Only models speaks for themselves. Covered up in Nasir's cap, feels like they styled up inspired by Irving Penn. Some of them are covering different style mask, each of them are uniquely made to match with the look. And they presented with the street ghetto style to match with each cap which I adore some of their tracksuits and patchwork sweatshirts. Can't wait to see him develop more products beyond his genius millinery. His spring summer 2013 collection is available on Opening Ceremony now, you can check his stocklist here.

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This is the first season of Shaun Samson out from the MAN family. Sure the collection is all about what Shaun's origin from. California-born London based Shaun has taken us to a winter camping trip with his debut individual collection. Blankets, Ice Monsters, Northern Lights, Prayer to protect you, were his main inspiration from this fall winter collection. The subtleness of the inspiration is so minimal but you can notify which part is which. He also is a fabrication scientist, he reinterpret the idea of Northern Lights onto a fabric which ironed a translucent holographical material on a denim which is totally new to me. He is unquestionably the new must-to-watch menswear designer in the new generation of London. The three boys behind the brands: Shaun Samson, Matthew Josephs and Rob Meyers Facebook chat about show chaos, the boys and the future exclusively for Garage Magazine feature.

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