Its his first big launch collection after he graduated London College of Fashion MA since 2012, with support from GQ China, Hong Kong based Kay Kwok successfully dominate the show with the kick off showtime from the start of the London fashion week. Kay is famous for his strong tailoring with a twist of futuristic motif prints, this time he touched with a galaxy look-a-like sphere motif, with support with the strong two-piece print suit. Surprisingly, the collection is paired up with a long minimal knee-length knitwear with a flare soft leather trousers. The amazing bag design is also a buyer must-have list. As for the spectacular gladiator leather sandals, its a collaboration with Youngwon Kim who just graduated this year in London College of Fashion, sums up the perfect Kay Kwok look. We also have a quick questions with him about his collection and his brand.

Describe your collection in 3 words.
KK/ Itinerant, Infinite, Invisible

How is the GQ China support started?
KK/ Everything started from an email: i was selected for a GQ china annual project which pushing young designer into an international stage.

What's the most challenging during this collection?
KK/ In order to finish the collection within a very short time - 25 full looks with bag and shoes designs in 2 and a half months. However, during the making process, I told myself that I deserve the change if I could finish it within this limited time. And I was so glad that I finally did it.

Your shoe collaboration with Youngwon Kim is a success. What is your next collaboration that you mostly want to do?
KK/ It was a coincidence, I saw Youngwon Kim's work one day and I emailed her asking if she would be interested in collaboration. And Um.... I have no idea at this moment. I want to have a collaboration with an accessories designer, though. :)

What's your next steps in terms of your brand development?
KK/ Seeking for partner who is strong in commercial aspect.
Source: Ge Zhang / google / Eva K. Salvi


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