Brand: Maia Bergman
Graduate School: Central Saint Martins
Graduate Year: 2012

Beads, beads, beads and beads! Maia Bergman's addiction of beads was amazingly presented from her graduate collection. Beads often appear as a cheap, teen, friendship bracelets, but Maia's interpretation of beads are totally changed my mind 180. Her uniqueness of the collection is officially recognized by the public. It is full of cuteness, easiness and glamourous. Pastel gradients of the beads are scattered all over the garment. "Cheap glamour is irresistible." says Maia, her obsession of beads collection recently won the Community Choice Award in the Muuse x Vogue Talents Young Vision Award 2012. She also got feature on i-D, Dazed and Confused, Style Bubble, 1 Granary, Ozon magazine, Vogue China.

Source: Maia Berman tumblr / 1 Granary / Dazed and Confused / i-D online / Style Bubble